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The Importance Of Regular Car Servicing

Car Servicing Tips

After a house, buying and running a car is one of the single largest investments that you will make. When you add in the cost of putting the car through the NCT (National Car Test), taxing it, insuring it and keeping it fuelled, motoring can get expensive. This leaves little room for any large repair bills.

The best way to reduce your long-term running costs is to have your car serviced regularly with a recognised main car service provider, such as Mongey Plunkett Motors. With car service packages starting from just €99, your car’s life-span can be extended as we will pinpoint and address small problems before they develop into potential breakdowns. 

A regular service schedule also ensures your car is functioning safely and is adequately prepared for the NCT. Did you know that a car consists of around 10,000 individual parts? Our Dublin car service experts look at key components to ensure your car is working optimally, starting with a fresh oil and filter change.

Changing your car’s oil is vital to keeping your car’s engine in top condition and preserving the parts inside. In addition, we also check your car’s power steering, coolant and fluid levels are checked and top them up accordingly. 

Irish motorists often overlook the importance of their car’s lights, especially as the weather here can make driving difficult at times. We perform an examination of the lights to ensure you are fully visible out on the road. Following this, we will concentrate on your vehicle’s on-board computer, carrying out any software updates to ensure its electronics are fully up-to-date. 

Finally, our car service team carries out a full vehicle health check, analysing everything from your car’s tyre thread depths, to belt condition and much more. A full post-service report is provided to you following the service, highlighting any issues encountered or that will need to be addressed in future. 

To arrange a full vehicle health check for your car now, please fill in the form below and we will call you back to answer any queries you may have. 


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