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Suzuki Roadside Assistance

Unfortunately we still haven't produced a key that's impossible to lose or a flat tyre that changes itself, but until we get these points mastered, we have our Suzuki Assistance.

Suzuki Assistance

We pride ourselves on designing and producing some of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. Unfortunately, even we can't make a key that is impossible to drop down a drain - or keep your Suzuki going after it's run out of fuel... But such minor as well as some other major mishaps need not leave you immobilised. One call to Suzuki Assistance, and help is just minutes away. For every new Suzuki, for 3 years, 24 hours a day, we provide:

  • Roadside and home assistance
  • Onward travel or hotel accommodation if we can't complete a repair within 8 hours
  • Message service to family, employer or next appointment, if requested
  • Accident Recovery

Of course, we hope you'll never actually need any of the. But isn't it good to know they're there?

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